Short codes

Apart of the sidebar widget you also have the option to embed the various versions of 30boxes in your posts or pages using one of the following short codes.

The all the codes have some common format

[30boxes type=calwidget,eventlist,sidebarcalendar url=30boxes_calendar_url parameter=value ...]

  • type: the type parameter controls which kind of widget should be displayed. It can be either calwidget for an embedded calendar, eventlist to produce a html eventlist or sidebarcalendar to create a post calendar like event calendar.
  • url: this option needs to be filled with your calendar url as described at the FAQ. It controls which items to display
  • additional parameters which are different depending on the type of widget you like to embed. Read further for details.

Calendar widget:
The calendar widget produces a fully embedded calendar in your blog and can be implemented with this short code.

[30boxes type=calwidget url=30boxes_calendar_url width=width_in_pixels height=height_in_pixels themeUri=url_to_a_custom_them]

  • width: the width of the calendar in pixels. With the default themes it should be a value bigger than 500
  • height: the height of the calendar in pixels. With the default themes best results can be achieved with values above 590
  • themUri: this option lets you setup a custom theme for the calendar. This procedure is described at the developer documentation

The eventlist type simply produces a html list of your events. It’s output is tuned up with semantic css selectors to allow easy customization of the layout.

[30boxes type=eventlist url=30boxes_calendar_url num_events=number_of_events show_description=0,1 pastdays=amount_of_days futuredays=amount_of_days]

  • num_events: the number of events that should be displayed
  • show_description: controls if the description of the event should be shown (1) or hidden (0).
  • pastdays: amount of days in the past that should be shown. You can show events which are up to 24 days in the past.
  • futuredays: amount of days in the future that should be shown. You can show events which are up to 24 days in the future.

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One Response to “Short codes”

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Maybe this is something simple…

This is the shortcode I use in a self-hosted WP2.7.1 page:

[30boxes type=calwidget url= width=800 height=590]

The page is blank.

Any clues?

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